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Is this the most spoiled girl in Britain? Meet Gina Rio, the 23-year-old who lives at the Savoy, drinks Cristal, owns £20k handbags - and STILL gets £10k a month pocket money from mummy!!!

 ·         Gina, 23, receives £10k a month from her mother after falling out with her father and losing his £20k allowance
·         She lives at the Savoy while her £1m house in King's Cross, a gift from her mother, is refurbished
·         Five-bed house will have a walk-in wardrobe covering the entire top floor, a swimming pool, jacuzzi and home cinema
·         Spends £1k a month on chauffeurs and taxis, and £600 at the hair salon
·         'I could never date someone who is poor. That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me'

Most twentysomethings have long been dropped from their parents' pocket money payroll. 
But one - who some are calling the most spoiled woman in Britain - still receives a massive £10,000 payout each month from her mother - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Gina Rio, 23, who lives in a suite at the five star Savoy hotel despite owning a house in London's King's Cross, is handed the money by her mother, Teresa, who took over the monthly payments after Gina fell out with her father in 2003 and he stopped the £20,000 allowance he used to provide. 

Gina, whose parents split when she was aged 14 after her father had an affair, spends the generous allowance living the life of a princess. 

She shops at designer stores, naming Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin as some of her favourite shops, and she eats lavish meals at London's finest restaurants, claiming on Twitter that she plans to dine exclusively at Michelin-starred establishments.

 Spolit: Gina poses with her various shopping bags at the Savoy hotel where she is staying while her house is refurbished

And she buys more designer goods than she could wear in a lifetime, including over 300 pairs of designer shoes and 70 designer handbags, one of which, a Hermes bag that she ordered her father to buy after she discovered he had bought a similar one for his mistress, cost £20,000.
She also spends an extravagant amount on being chauffeured around in private cars and taxis, the bill for which can exceed a staggering £1,000 a month, and pampers herself in the hairdresser on a regular basis - often spending £600 each month to keep her locks glossy.
 Gina, seen here posing with some of her many pairs of designer shoes at the Savoy, admits she sees her parents generosity as proof of their love for her

 As if the allowance wasn’t enough, Gina’s parents have also showered her with gifts over the years. 
Her father, who owns a successful construction company, spent £10,000 on a 16th birthday party for Gina, while her mother recently gave her a white Mercedes SLK convertible, worth about £30,000.

While Gina doesn’t solely rely on her parents money - she earns £2,000 a month as a personal stylist - she has shockingly not managed to save a penny of the mini fortune lavished on her.

The 23-year-old, who trained at Sylvia Young Theatre School, spent an eye-watering £50,000 in two days last month on clubbing and shopping for luxury clothes, after taking her father's credit card without his permission.
'My dad wasn't happy,' Gina's brother Sebastian says,' but he just shrugged it off.'

Gina compares herself to socialite and millionairess Tamara Ecclestone, and admits she often has no idea how much she spends on luxuries such as socialising, hair and beauty.

 ‘It’s really bad - I don’t even know how much I spend sometimes.’
Gina often posts about  her lavish lifestyle on Twitter, tweeting on 21st December ‘Shopping in Knightsbridge with mummy! Love her, and her cards!’ and treating her 373 followers to daily reminders of her extravagant purchases and indulgent restaurant meals. 
In one tweet she declares: ‘I decided I'm strictly eating at michelin star restaurants and 5* places, i'm tired of trying to be normal and eating at these other places!'

 5 star lifestyle: Gina is currently living at the Savoy, and clearly taking advantage of the restaurants, often tweeting pictures of her opulent meals

 Gina posted this picture of her receiving a £30,000 white Mercedes SLK convertible- tied with a ribbon. The car was a gift from her mother who also provides Gina with her allowance

 This blue Hermes bag costs £20,000, and Gina owns around 70 more designer bags

 Gina, who admires socialite Tamara Eccleson, was in Dizzee Rascal's 'Come Dance With Me' video in her swimsuit, but says her dream lies not in the world of Hip Hop, but in opening a beauty spa

Rita Ora Laps Up The Sun, And Shows Off Her Enviable Figure, During Dubai Break

Wearing a revealing white one-piece, Rita Ora took in the sun's rays and set tongues wagging as she posed for photos during her winter break in Dubai.

The 'RIP' singer took off to the Gulf state just before Christmas to enjoy some mid-winter sunshine (and who can blame her really), and was spotted trying to get in toa rubber ring at her hotel's pool - with the singer bearing a little more than she probably intended in her wet cossie - not that anyone is complaining at all.

From experience, it is understandable that she struggled to get into the dinghy as they aren't the easiest to manoeuvre into. There's little wonder that she decided to stop and pose for a few photos, both with and without fans, instead. Still, had Rita decided to take off her glasses and rather unusual head-wear then maybe she wouldn't have had as much trouble getting into the rubber ring, but each to their own.

The singer has been treating fans to a host of snaps from her winter break since she went away, however we've a feeling that these photos will prove to be the most popular of them all, for two reasons at least.

Who wore it better??? Kim Kardashian and..

 Tamara Ecclestone and Kim Kardashian in Gucci

Who wore it better???
Pink and Kim Kardashian in Catherine Deane

Comment =

CONFIRMED! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are PREGNANT! (Kanye Reveals News ON STAGE!)

Not one to be upstaged by an pregnant Duchesses or any other big news coming in 2013....Kim Kardashian is pregnant and Kanye West is the father.

35-year-old Kanye wrapped up his 3-night series of concerts at the Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City Sunday night....and that's where he decided to make the announcement to thousands of concert goers. Kim was in attendance as well.

It's been confirmed by members of the Kardashian/Jenner family. 32-year-old Kim has gotten her wishes of having a baby before it's too late....and finding a man who worships her more than she worships herself. According to E! Online (non-coincidentally), the reality star is 12 weeks along. The mom to be tweeted pic of Kanye on stage yesterday and said, "Heaven." Now we know why.

Her sis Khloe tweeted:

Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!

Mom Kris Jenner stepped away from concocting a new reality show around this to say:

"Im a happy girl !!!!!!!!! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY,"

And her other little sister Kendall Jenner tweeted:

whos excited about the KIMYE babbyyy?! :D weeee

And big sis Kourtney, already two kids in herself, tweeted:

Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!

Kim and her legal team have reportedly been exhausting every option to get her divorce from Brooklyn Nets baller Kris Humphries finalized. And this baby on the way may just do the trick. And it doesn't hurt that she & 'Ye have solidified at least another couple of years in the spotlight by making a baby together. And solidified an eternal connection with each other.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rita Ora dresses for her ....

Rita Ora doesn't care what people think of her clothes.The 'R.I.P' singer is known for her flamboyant look but insists she dresses for herself and isn't worried about other people's opinions of her style.

She said: 'I never let anyone have a conversation with me about changing my image. I'm not interested in other people's opinions about my clothes. I don't believe in this idea that you have to look a certain way to be famous.'

Rita, 22, also admits she is insecure about her body but won't let people try and change her body shape.

She said: 'I'm on the lollipop diet. And I'll only do 15 or 20 minutes' exercise twice a week. Still, I get as insecure about my body as every girl - any girl who tells you different is lying. I hate my bum, for example - really hate it.'

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Celebrities Engagements... Janet Jackson, Brandy ...

Icon Janet Jackson is set to marry her longterm boyfriend Wissam Al Mana in the spring. 
Entertainment legend Janet Jackson is set to marry her Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana in Qatar in the spring. A source told Us Weekly that the wedding "will cost millions" and "He is flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets."

Though many of the over-the-top details are being kept secret, the source did reveal that Wissam "...wants to get a top chef to create a custom menu."

So what does the ring look like? It's said to be huge and expensive. "She's afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!"

 Brandy has found love with music executive Ryan Press and will soon walk down the aisle with her knight in shining armor.

The "Moesha" star told Sister2Sister magazine in August, "I keep hearing about a ring. People keep calling me, hinting to me about it, but I don't know. I'm going to be patient and let it happen and just let it be. . . I guess it will happen when it's the right time."

“Boy Meets World” Star Rider Strong: Engaged to be Married

Beyoncé Wants YOU To Join Her 2013 PEPSI Super Bowl Halftime Show!>>>

Fans will have the chance to kick off the first ever crowd sourced Halftime introduction and welcome Beyoncé to the stage.

Pepsi and Beyoncé are inviting fans to help make this year's Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show the most memorable and compelling Super Bowl performance ever. Beginning on Saturday, December 29th, fans are encouraged to submit photos of specific poses in hopes of being selected for a chance to be part of a crowd sourced Halftime introduction spot and welcome Beyoncé to the stage on CBS on February 3, 2013.

In addition, people who submit their photos will be entered into a drawing for a chance to be one of 50 lucky fans selected to perform on the field as Beyoncé and her dance team take the stage during her Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

In order to enter, fans will have to log on to and enter photos for specific poses, such as head bops, toe taps, jumping, and more. See below for additional rules of photo submissions.

Additional Rules:

• Only fans 18 and older can submit photos

• Background images should be generic and non-identifiable

• Fans can't wear clothing which has an identifiable logo

• Photos has to be high-res and taken with a camera

• Fans has to be open to signing a photo release form

The site goes live get your best pics ready!

Paris and Nicky Hilton graced the cover of Marie Claire Spain's January 2013 issue.

The hotel heiresses looked picture perfect for the Daniel Gabbay shot front page while dishing to the mag about everything from Paris' success to Nicky's sense of control.
A few highlights from the Hilton sister's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Marie Claire Spain!

Paris Hilton
On the Press:
"The press has created a character for me that isn't about being a spoiled child."

On Nicky:
"Nicky is strict. She likes to have control, I only advise it on men."

Nicky Hilton
On Paris:
"Paris is innocent and confident, a free spirit who only follows her heart. I try to get away from the people who want to abuse her."

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rihanna Unapologetic About Her Love For Chris Brown As They Snuggle Together At Basketball Game

 Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship is certainly complicated but, for now at least, it's game on.
The Diamonds singer, 24, left Barbados to spend Christmas Day with the R&B performer, 23, in Los Angeles. 
The pair were spotted cuddling and flirting at the Staples Centre while watching the LA Lakers take on the New York Knicks.

Rihanna was all dressed up for the occasion, wearing a black midriff-baring outfit, heels, gold choker necklace and red lipstick. 
She sipped beer from a plastic cup and seemed in good spirits as the pair kept close during the game. 
They were among a host of famous faces in the crowd, including Snoop Lion and Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis.

While she didn't comment on her romantic Christmas on Twitter, she did post was appears to be an old picture of herself wearing Santa hat and fatigues while with friends.

She wrote: 'Santa baby! Hurry down the chimney tonight! Is it too late to be nice?' 
Rihanna checked out of the Barbados home she had been renting in recent weeks on Christmas Eve and flew straight to California. 

Her visit to her native island was not without drama - police were called to the property when a man was found trespassing over the weekend.

Police in Barbados have since told TMZ that the man - believed to be a German national - mistook the private home as public property. He wasn't arrested.
The volatile couple reconciled earlier this year even though Chris is still on probation for beating her up in 2009.

What do you think??

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Alicia Keys for Essence Magazine January 2013

On being affected by Hurricane Sandy: "After the third or fourth tuna fish sandwich, and after we learned we’d be without power for a week, I called my mother, who lives Uptown. She was okay and hadn’t lost any power, so we ended up going to her house. We were pretty lucky."

On finding balance in her life: "It’s okay if I can’t do every single thing. I finally understand that it doesn’t make me a lesser artist or human being."

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Forbes Releases "30 Under 30" List ....

The Hollywood category includes stars like 15-year-old actress Chloe Moretz and "Pitch Perfect" star Rebel Wilson, while musicians included powerhouses and newcomers like Wiz Khalifa, Adele, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Skylar Grey, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift.

According to the magazine, "In sum they represent the entrepreneurial, creative and intellectual best of their generation. Individually, they are surprising, engaging, and hard working."

The full list is:

1. Taylor Swift - $57m (£37m)

2. Justin Bieber - $55m (£35.6m)

3. Rihanna - $53m (£34.3m)

4. Lady Gaga - $52m (£33.6m)

5. Katy Perry - $45m (£29m)

6. Adele - $35m (£23m)

7. Kristen Stewart - $34.5m (£22.3m)

8. Lil Wayne - $27m (£17.5m)

9. Taylor Lautner - $26.5m (£17m)

10. Robert Pattinson - $26.5m (£17m)

What are your thoughts??

The Kardashian-Jenner Clan Release Their 2012 Christmas >>

The photo features the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan all decked out in white while being surrounded by falling confetti.
Of the photo, the 32 year-old star wrote, "Here it is!! Our 2012 family Christmas card shot by the amazing Nick Saglimbeni! We had such a fun time shooting this! What do you think of the final pic??"
The reality family also kept Kim's beloved and recently departed cat, Mercy, in the picture as a tribute. Although Mercy was lucky enough to make it in the photo, Khloe previously explained that getting the whole family together for a group shot can be difficult.

Khloe Kardashian: News Conference Hottie

 Gearing up for the season finale of "The X-Factor" Khloe Kardashian attended a news conference on Monday (December 17) in Los Angles.

Clad in a stylish leopard-print jacket and black pants, the reality star couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement, tweeting to fans: "Time flies!!! It's already the week of the finale on @TheXFactorUSA! Who do you think will walk away a winner on Thursday night?!"